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Did I am Legend predict the Super Bowl?

Thanks to @sogrady for pointing this my direction this morning.

I am Legend predicts the Super Bowl

As I am Legend opens with a news cast featuring Emma Thompson’s character, a scientist who has discovered a cure for cancer, being interviewed by a New York news station you can see a news ticker running across the bottom of the screen. At the 1.19 mark in the video below, you can see the screenshot above.

According to I am Legend, the Patriots will win the Super Bowl over the Giants by a 23 to 7 score marking the second Giants loss to the Patriots this season.

Weird…and cool. The only way the Giants could play the Patriots twice in one season (pre-season not included) would be to face off in the Super Bowl in a season that they were scheduled during the regular season as well. That only happens once every five years or so. So that’s just plain old odd!



  MC Aaron wrote @

that is amazing. especially since i was just watching bad boys this morning. that movie sucks, but will smith is cool.

i hope the pats do beat the giants.

  DP wrote @

What do they say about Shaq afterward? Does he retire? thats crazy!

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