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Increase the range of your Wii sensor bar.

I got this email from a friend, Drew regarding Wii hacks.

“Just disassemble the sensor bar, cut the two wires between the LEDs, solder in a couple 24 gauge wires (~4’’), and you have a sensor bar with significantly increased range. I found it to be worth the time, but it just depends on your home setup.”



I may give this a try this weekend. If I get a chance, I’ll grab pictures as I go and post a step by step.


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  Tyler wrote @

I was wondering if you ever tried this and if it actually increased the range of the Wii sensor bar? If you did do you have any pictures of what changes you made (What wires were replaced)? I am trying to come up with an easy way to extend the range of my sensor bar and this was the only one I have found that does not require making you own sensor bar.



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