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My first post at’s Red Sox blog

Tim at

My first post over at’s Red Sox blog “Fire Brand of the American League” is up and live.  I take a look at the Red Sox infield heading into 2008 and see how they measure up to the 2007 standard that brought the Red Sox a championship.

I enter this next stage in writing about the Red Sox with mixed emotions.  It’s sad for me to give the Red Sox Times up, but I can’t commit to that level of management with everything else going on.  Writing for MVN gives me an outlet to fuel my passion for baseball writing and analysis on a much more structured and less all encompassing basis and with a legit top tier grassroots journalism site at that.

In fact, Peter Gammons recently called Fire Brand and MVN out in a blog post of his own saying;

“It’s amazing how many club officials read…Fire Brand of the American League.”

So, I am in good company and good hands for the 2008 season.  You can look for my posts on Friday’s and Tuesday’s for the next month and then once a week at least during the season.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Evan Brunell who founded and writes for the Fire Brand of the American League for the honor of joining his team.  So thanks!


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