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Brady and the Super Bowl

So,  Bill Burt asks whether the New England Patriots could still beat the New York Giants in the Super Bowl without the services of one Tom Brady.  As we know and have been beaten to death by with pictures of the cast:

Brady in a walking cast, New England holds their breath

Apparently he also had the flu in the AFC Championship game.

Bill’s answer was “yes” with a caveat.

“On the surface, I would say yes. The Patriots are loaded with playmakers.
But you know a team like the Giants would feel like a gorilla was off their shoulders facing the Patriots without Brady.”

I’ll leave you with the same thoughts I left on Bill’s Blog:

I really find it hard to believe that the Pats would beat the Giants without Brady. Could they, yes. That’s the same as saying the Giants could beat the Pats with Brady in the lineup. But is it likely that the Pats could win without Brady? No.

The main reason for this being, no other Pats QB has taken enough meaningful reps over the past two or even three years to be ready to take that stage and shine. If Testaverde or Flutie or a Dilfer or some proven veteran type player were the back up, I may feel different. But to put that much on Gonzalez or Cassell is too much.