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What I’ve been up to while I haven’t been blogging (here)

So it feels like forever since I’ve had a chance to just sit down and write about what I’ve been up to.  I think that is primarily because, I’ve been up to alot.  Between work all the drama that has surrounded CNET these days, it has been relatively draining keeping ahead of the game there.  But the last thing I want to catch up on and spend weekend time thinking of is more work!!

Outside of work, I’ve been spending a significant amount of time helping out at MVN ( Not only have I been writing about the Red Sox at Fire Brand of the American League, MVN’s Red Sox coverage, but I have also been reading every post that comes through the MLB section of MVN and editing the MLB front door on a daily basis.

Every morning I read through the 25 or so posts that were made since I last updated the door and choose the best five or six posts.  From there, I look for Creative Commons ok photos that match those stories at Flickr or through MVN’s subscription at ICON SMI (  After resizing the image and writing the headline, lead, and teaser for the featured article, I choose two more stories to run in the subhighlight section.

I’ve really enjoyed this process as it gives me the opportunity to read some great baseball writing as well as hone my craft as a writer by forcing me to look for great writing and discern the good from the great.  It also keeps me up to speed with all things baseball.  I wish I had time to read and be active with every baseball blog out there (at least the top three to five for each team.  I really like the concept of the editorial layer on top of a blog network.

I have also enjoyed my own writing at MVN’s Red Sox coverage (  While I absolutely miss writing this all for myself at the Red Sox Times (, I couldn’t keep up with the comprehensive level of coverage I expected out of myself.  Between game threads, recaps, analysis, breaking news, etc.  I couldn’t be everywhere at once.

I do still hold a dream of turning the Red Sox Times into an editorially managed “best of Red Sox blogs” print and online publication.  But I really haven’t had the time to pull it all together.

I also have a new project, a Red Sox podcast.  My first episode is live at MVN and can also be listened to here:

or at Red Sox Radio (currently at until I get things set up at which I recently purchased).

Podcasting is a thrill.  It really is a craft that I think I can master and I look forward to the challenge.  As my cohost Paul said at the end of our first episode quoting Craig Kilborn’s wise words at the end of the first airing of the Daily Show, “we’ll get better.”

I’ll certainly try and update here more often (when I am not screwing around with tumblr, friendfeed and all the other ways that I can communicate with the Interwebs).


On the radio (blog talk radio that is)…

Having been a sports radio junkie my entire life, growing up on WFAN in Connecticut and then living with WEEI in Boston as a daily ritual for the past 10 years, I was extremely excited to be invited to preview the Red Sox 2008 season with Colin and Durden on Blog Talk Radio.

I called into their show last night and spoke for about 20 minutes about topics ranging from the rotation to the Yankees. All in all, it was an excellent experience. I did better than expected and didn’t cringe at all listening to myself this morning.

Here’s a link to the show archive and I’ve embedded the MP3 into this post below as well. If you want to skip to my interview, hit up the 24:30 mark of the show.

This experience has definitely given me the motivation to look into hosting a weekly show of my own on Blog Talk Radio, YouCastr, or MVN’s podcast section.

If you happen to take a listen, feel free to leave some feedback in the comments.

Tim Daloisio: Media Mogul

The Daloisio Express is off and rolling! I’ve got new posts up at MVN’s Red Sox and UConn blogs as well as an online radio show appearance booked for tomorrow night.

– Fire Brand of the American League: 2008 Red Sox Bullpen: For Better or Worse
– Husky Connection: It’s all about tempo and we’ve got Tha-beet

    My Husky column is currently being featured on the front page of MVN’s NCAA section.

    I’ll be speaking with the hosts of “On the Field with Colin and Durden” over at BlogTalkRadio live tomorrow at 9:55 pm. You can find the link here to listen live or to hit up the archive of the event the following morning.

    Obama “Yes We Can” Lyrics get my blog hopping

    Obama Yes We Can search

    The interest in’s remix of Barack Obama’s speech after the New Hampshire primaries has drifted well into the “Scattered Brilliance” domain.  I am currently ranked #4 on google search results for combinations of [Obama yes we can lyrics] pointing to this post from last week.

    As you can see in the graph below, traffic to this post has been high and is growing.  All of this traffic is coming from organic searches for the text of Obama’s speech that the song was set to.

    Outside of knowing that people would be searching for these lyrics, because that’s one of the first things I did, and knowing that wordpress posts rank disproportionately high in Google’s algorithm, primarily due to page title and meta data from the post title itself, I didn’t do much to SEO this post.

    It makes you think how blogs have changed the currency of search results.

    Husky Connection

    I’ve decided to extend my blogging at MVN past just Red Sox coverage and am going to try my hand once a week or so at blogging UCONN basketball at their Huskies blog Husky Connection.

    I’ve also added an RSS widget to the sidebar all the way to the right here pointing to my MVN writings for both the Red Sox and Huskies.

    My first post at’s Red Sox blog

    Tim at

    My first post over at’s Red Sox blog “Fire Brand of the American League” is up and live.  I take a look at the Red Sox infield heading into 2008 and see how they measure up to the 2007 standard that brought the Red Sox a championship.

    I enter this next stage in writing about the Red Sox with mixed emotions.  It’s sad for me to give the Red Sox Times up, but I can’t commit to that level of management with everything else going on.  Writing for MVN gives me an outlet to fuel my passion for baseball writing and analysis on a much more structured and less all encompassing basis and with a legit top tier grassroots journalism site at that.

    In fact, Peter Gammons recently called Fire Brand and MVN out in a blog post of his own saying;

    “It’s amazing how many club officials read…Fire Brand of the American League.”

    So, I am in good company and good hands for the 2008 season.  You can look for my posts on Friday’s and Tuesday’s for the next month and then once a week at least during the season.

    Lastly, I’d like to thank Evan Brunell who founded and writes for the Fire Brand of the American League for the honor of joining his team.  So thanks!

    Will Leitch of Deadspin vs. Mark Cuban

    Will Leitch, the founder and editor of has been making the rounds in media circles lately.

    Leitch recently ran smack into the middle of a tete-a-tete with Dallas Mavericks owner and “fellow blogger” Mark Cuban. I am not sure that Mark is the type of guy you want to take on in a fight. He’s smart, influential, willing to play dirty, and damn competitive.


    Let’s set the stage. Cuban had agreed to do an interview with GQ. Leitch is freelancing for GQ. Cuban isn’t a big fan of and/or Leitch dating back to Leitch’s coverage of this incident.

    Cuban agrees to do the interview, although later saying about Leitch’s appearance on GQ’s behalf;

    “Its my fault. I was stupid to think that the guy who runs Deadspin could stop being the guy who runs Deadspin. I should have asked for GQ to send someone else. Better yet, I should have stuck to my rules and only do interviews via email.” – Mark Cuban, Blog Maverick

    The interview takes place, and the GQ piece is published and is entitled, “The Most Likable Blowhard in Sports.” It’s clear that there was some contention in the interview, but the piece overall is very complimentary of Cuban.

    “It takes only about thirty seconds before things turn confrontational, with Cuban attacking me for working as the editor of the sports blog But that’s Mark Cuban: He’s known me for maybe thirty seconds and already has no problem calling me a hack. For that I say, God bless him.” – Will Leitch, GQ

    So, nothing newsworthy right?

    Well, that was until Leitch started his press tours for his recently released book (more on that to follow). Leitch writes a guest post on Gawker Media sister site and tech rag Valleywag where he references his recent experience with Cuban in the GQ interview.

    Cuban, who explicitly asked during the interview that this was not to be for any purposes other than GQ, finds this and takes offense posing the following question on his blog;

    “Is it ethical for a blogger/journalist to travel on their [GQ’s] dime to do an interview for their magazine and then use the interview to generate a blog for his site [Deadspin/Valleywag] from a subject that was not expected to be blogged about. – Mark Cuban, Blog Maverick

    The shit storm was on! Leitch rebuts, Cuban rebuts, comments from the peanut gallery ensue.

    At the end of the day, I think Cuban overreacted to the details of the situation. The GQ piece was written and in public record, then quoted from in the Valleywag piece with some tangential experiential information from Leitch. Hardly unethical, at the same time though, hardly the smartest thing for Leitch to do given the underlying subtext to the beginning of the interview.

    All of this publicity couldn’t be a better thing for Leitch however as his new book about the underbelly of the sports media landscape hits the shelves on bookstores around the country.

    God Save the Fan: How Preening Sportscasters, Athletes Who Speak in the Third Person, and the Occasional Convicted Quarterback Have Taken the Fun Out of Sports (And How We Can Get It Back) is Leitch’s new piece of work.  I have it on order and will give a review once it is devoured. (Amazon)

    In the meantime, here’s a audio of a interview Leitch did touting the book this week on Boston’s sports radio station WEEI and their morning show Dennis and Callahan.