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Kevin Garnett: Beyond the Glory

Thanks to FLCeltsfan on Yardbarker for initially pointing me to this series of Beyond the Glory video’s on Boston’s newest son and icon Kevin Garnett.  It’s been apparent, and not only by the 32-6 record and astounding rise from the ashes of the Celtics organization this season, that Garnett was an athlete made for the Boston stage.

KG in green

It’s been fun to see a veteran of such character, of whom as stars go, I knew very little, come to Boston and light up a franchise with his selflessness, his sense of team and pride, and his leadership.  He relishes the stage he’s now on.

I have to compare him to Curt Schilling in that respect. Every so often Boston brings the best out in an athlete and highlights it.  But what brought KG to this place?  Watch and learn.

KG grows up without a strong fatherly influence, but with a good familial support system in his mother.  His basketball skills come from his dad who was a 6’5″ player around the way.  KG moves to a middle class neighborhood for high school and befriends his best friend for life, “Bug” Peters.  Kevin almost doesn’t try out for the high school basketball team because there’s only two things he’s afraid of, “God and his Moms.”

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