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Red Sox podcast Episode #3 at MVN

Paul and I recorded episode 3 of  our Fireside Chats Red Sox podcast at MVN last night.  If you want to check it out here’s the link and the audio is embedded below.

I also completed my Wisdom of Crowds Red Sox 2008 player projections.  The results and my thoughts can be found on MVN as well.


New post up at’s Red Sox beat

You can check it here:

Here’s a little teaser:

So with a better lineup and a less dominant pitching staff, where does that leave the Red Sox next season? In the chart above, I turned to Pythagorean Win Expectancy and plugged in my runs scored and runs against ballparks to settle in with 98 wins. You can also see Baseball Prospectus’ slightly more scientific run +/- predictions and outcome using PECOTA numbers.

Realistically, I think Pythagoras does us a bit wrong here and overestimates wins based on this input, but I do think that PECOTA short changes the team by a few wins. So for my final answer, “for better or worse”, I think the 2008 team is every bit as good as the 2007 version.

My gut: About the same. While Pythagoras has me at 98 wins, that feels aggressive, but I think back to back 96 win seasons and A.L. East banners sound pretty good to me. So mark it down. 96-66, 1st place in the American League East, 2nd best record in baseball behind the New York Mets.

On the radio (blog talk radio that is)…

Having been a sports radio junkie my entire life, growing up on WFAN in Connecticut and then living with WEEI in Boston as a daily ritual for the past 10 years, I was extremely excited to be invited to preview the Red Sox 2008 season with Colin and Durden on Blog Talk Radio.

I called into their show last night and spoke for about 20 minutes about topics ranging from the rotation to the Yankees. All in all, it was an excellent experience. I did better than expected and didn’t cringe at all listening to myself this morning.

Here’s a link to the show archive and I’ve embedded the MP3 into this post below as well. If you want to skip to my interview, hit up the 24:30 mark of the show.

This experience has definitely given me the motivation to look into hosting a weekly show of my own on Blog Talk Radio, YouCastr, or MVN’s podcast section.

If you happen to take a listen, feel free to leave some feedback in the comments.

Tim Daloisio: Media Mogul

The Daloisio Express is off and rolling! I’ve got new posts up at MVN’s Red Sox and UConn blogs as well as an online radio show appearance booked for tomorrow night.

– Fire Brand of the American League: 2008 Red Sox Bullpen: For Better or Worse
– Husky Connection: It’s all about tempo and we’ve got Tha-beet

    My Husky column is currently being featured on the front page of MVN’s NCAA section.

    I’ll be speaking with the hosts of “On the Field with Colin and Durden” over at BlogTalkRadio live tomorrow at 9:55 pm. You can find the link here to listen live or to hit up the archive of the event the following morning.

    Trip to the New England Aquarium in Boston

    Ryan and Dad at the aquarium

    Today we took Ryan down to the New England Aquarium in Boston.  She had loved Finding Nemo so much and took a liking to a fish tank on our trip to the little children’s museum in Derry that we thought the Aquarium would be a slam dunk!

    and it was!!!

    Ryan spent about an hour and a half cruising the aquarium looking at all the marine life.  Her favorites were probably the penguins.  I think Happy Feet has made her a penguin fan for life.  But she also liked the various fish, turtles, and seals.  She had mixed emotions about the jellyfish, which she liked to say a lot, but wasn’t the most comfortable when actually in the exhibit.

    Here’s our day chronicled in a little video:

    My favorite part of the trip was on the way back to the car when Ryan, walking in between Jen and I holding our hands, looked up and said, “that was so much fun.”

    Thanks New England Aquarium for a fun day and some great memories.

    New post up at

    My analysis of the 2008 Red Sox starting rotation is up and can be found at MVN’s Fire Brand of the American League.  I must say that even with Curt Schilling’s injury, I think this team is, as currently constituted, very similar to last year’s rotation.  But I also fully expect them to be active in making a move to upgrade the “Tavarez” spot in the rotation and/or give Clay Buchholz a little more time off than he might currently be allowed.

    Super Bowl XLII: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots; A game for the ages

    Super Bowl XLII will go down in my memory as one of the most shocking outcomes in a sporting event in my lifetime.  Not as much solely because of the outcome itself, but because of what transpired to get there.

    I grew up in southwest Connecticut in the small town of Middlebury.  We were fairly equidistant from both New York and Boston and had no loyalties per se to either city.  But we did develop loyalties to teams.  No bond was tighter for me than that between myself and the New York football Giants.

    I can remember playing catch with my Dad and being Lionel Manuel or Mark Bavaro or my favorite, Phil McKonkey or diving over the pile of couch cushions piled on the floor as Little Joe Morris.  I always have and always will idolize Phil Simms.

    When I moved north for college, I found my baseball loyalties slowly shifting.  Coming off the strike and as a disenfranchised Mets fan into the heart of Red Sox Nation, one season of attending more games than I could afford at Fenway Park after college in 1997 and I was turned.  But my football loyalties stayed true, Giants Blue!

    But being a passionate sports fan in the Boston area with no real rivalry or rooting interest between the teams, I allowed myself to get sucked into the Patriots in 2001.  I had moved out west for a few months around 9/11 and was sucked into a homesick whirlwind and the only cures were the Giants and the Tom Brady bandwagon.  I would go so far as to say, I rooted for the Yankees over the Diamondbacks I was so longing to connect with the northeast.  But I digress.

    It was easy to follow and root for both teams over the years.  Then this year and the only match up I dreaded came to fruition.  I wanted to see history.  I wanted Tom Brady to lead his team into the record books.  But at the end of the day, I couldn’t root for him against my one and only true football loyalty.

    So there I sit, alone and afraid to watch this game with anyone and I see a Giants team play the way I grew up watching and loving football.  I see an aggressive defense punishing the opposing quarterback and I have visions of  Joe Montana slumping off the field after being drilled by Jim Burt as Lawrence Taylor took it to the house.  They are bruising and battering Tom Brady.  It pains me to relish in every sack, but I do.

    Truth be told, I thought Brady had won the game with his final drive.  I didn’t think Eli Manning had it in him to march his team 84 yards in 2:30 for the winning touchdown.  I can’t believe that they made it through 4th and 1, then watched the ball slip through Asante Samuel’s hands, then watched Eli slip through the Patriots’ defensive linemans’ hands and throw a prayer that was answered by David Tyree.

    I watched as Plaxico Burress made good on his prediction with a perfect route and I watched the Patriots last breath get pounded to the ground by Jay Alford.

    But for all the celebrating I was doing for the Giants, I must admit, I mourned along with the Patriots.  At the end of the day, it didn’t feel as triumphant as I wanted, only because the Boston area sports scene has truly invaded my sports soul.

    Brady bummed