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Trip to the New England Aquarium in Boston

Ryan and Dad at the aquarium

Today we took Ryan down to the New England Aquarium in Boston.  She had loved Finding Nemo so much and took a liking to a fish tank on our trip to the little children’s museum in Derry that we thought the Aquarium would be a slam dunk!

and it was!!!

Ryan spent about an hour and a half cruising the aquarium looking at all the marine life.  Her favorites were probably the penguins.  I think Happy Feet has made her a penguin fan for life.  But she also liked the various fish, turtles, and seals.  She had mixed emotions about the jellyfish, which she liked to say a lot, but wasn’t the most comfortable when actually in the exhibit.

Here’s our day chronicled in a little video:

My favorite part of the trip was on the way back to the car when Ryan, walking in between Jen and I holding our hands, looked up and said, “that was so much fun.”

Thanks New England Aquarium for a fun day and some great memories.


Finding Nemo on Ice

We took Ryan to Disney on Ice’s Finding Nemo today.  I must say, it was a HUGE hit!  I’ve never seen a 20 month old child sit still, enthralled as she was for two whole hours.  Here’s a little video from the day:

Pictures and more details to follow tomorrow once they are uploaded to Flickr.