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Oscar Nomintations

So, the Oscar nominations are out.


I’ve really only seen two of the big Oscar buzz movies this year; Juno and No Country for Old Men.  Both were absolutely fantastic.

Juno for it’s quirky humor and relatable and likable characters.

No Country for Old Men for it’s incredible character acting, suspense, cinematography, and acting.

I would recommend both to all movie lovers.  No Country was more of a “movie lovers” movie.  But Juno was for me one of the most enjoyable movies I have seen in years.  You may hear alot of comparisons to Little Miss Sunshine, which I liked very much.  But for me, I though Juno’s quirkyness was a little more grounded in reality.

Juno on Movietome

I’ll especially be rooting for Ellen Page who played Juno perfectly in the Best Actress category.


Did I am Legend predict the Super Bowl?

Thanks to @sogrady for pointing this my direction this morning.

I am Legend predicts the Super Bowl

As I am Legend opens with a news cast featuring Emma Thompson’s character, a scientist who has discovered a cure for cancer, being interviewed by a New York news station you can see a news ticker running across the bottom of the screen. At the 1.19 mark in the video below, you can see the screenshot above.

According to I am Legend, the Patriots will win the Super Bowl over the Giants by a 23 to 7 score marking the second Giants loss to the Patriots this season.

Weird…and cool. The only way the Giants could play the Patriots twice in one season (pre-season not included) would be to face off in the Super Bowl in a season that they were scheduled during the regular season as well. That only happens once every five years or so. So that’s just plain old odd!