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Comcast + Tivo = Happy Tim

Comcast + Tivo

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I think it was announced over two years ago. But Comcast plus Tivo is finally here and it has been ordered (install coming on Wednesday).

It doesn’t look like this will add too much additional functionality onto the DVR service I currently have.  It will add the Tivo look and feel and ease of navigation, some additional personalization (thumbs up, thumbs down, etc), and hopefully an overall less glichy smoother guide.

I’ll dig in with a full comparison/review this weekend after having it “in house for a little while.


Increase the range of your Wii sensor bar.

I got this email from a friend, Drew regarding Wii hacks.

“Just disassemble the sensor bar, cut the two wires between the LEDs, solder in a couple 24 gauge wires (~4’’), and you have a sensor bar with significantly increased range. I found it to be worth the time, but it just depends on your home setup.”



I may give this a try this weekend. If I get a chance, I’ll grab pictures as I go and post a step by step.