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Marshawn Lynch barking at the Yardbarker Super Bowl party.

Marshawn Lynch is about to become my favorite sports personality of all time.  Not only is he kicking it “Beast Mode” but he’s also dropping the Cal Berkley knowledge all over the Yard on his blog.

c with the circle

All that work at the computer and “spell checking” busted out the following:

MARSHAWN: “what it do yard barker im n tempe az doin it big wit d man(dewey) and da hooters girl….found out ma mans Dewey knew the producer from da wire and im tryin to get him to hook me up so i can b and extra yard feel me doe….”



Skiing on the Yard with Bryon Friedman

Bryon’s blog on Yardbarker is a must for anyone interested in skiing! This video is sick.