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Help Rudy Gay choose his dunk for the dunk contest.

Calling all ballers.

I must say, it’s a pretty slick way of pumping yourself up to be the fan favorite come dunk day.  Think of this as the Internet generation’s “pump” ala Dee Brown.

Rudy’s already leaps and bounds ahead of the competition as the favorite going into this years dunk competition.  This cements him as the man to beat.

For a preview of what’s in store come All Star Weekend, check this:


Did I miss the Super Bowl?

I hate the bye week before the Super Bowl!

Macbook Air thoughts

I think Don Reisinger and Molly Wood have it right with this one. While very cool looking and sexy as all hell, the Macbook Air just doesn’t feel all that practical. As it is, I don’t really get the ultraportable market for more mainstream users. I know that the computer manufacturers aren’t targeting products in the ultraportable space to mainstream users, but the truth is ultraportables are the sexiest of notebooks; thin, stylish, attractive.

Sexy products are what the mainstream aspires to own. In this case, I think the introduction of the Macbook Air just confuses the mainstream in regards to Apple’s product line.

Let’s step back a second. Apple had just started to gain momentum in the PC market on the heels of brilliant advertising, a superior OS release, and a true lagging iPod halo effect.

Instead of focusing on their core Macbook products starting at a very mainstream acceptable and friendly $1,099 and building out products and services that make the jump to Apple with a Macbook more appealing, Apple chose to set an industrial design standard with a product that doesn’t fit the core needs of the masses.


Is it fair to say that if you strip away a slight bit of height and weight that the Macbook is as good if not better usable notebook? And for $700 less!

Is it also fair to say that at only $200 more and a slight bit of height/weight, the Macbook Pro is a far superior option?

I think yes on both accounts.

Look, I am really enjoying being a switcher and I have serious, serious iPhone envy. My email sig file on my Treo is “**all thumbs, sent from my (boring yet effective non-iPhone) mobile device**” for God’s sake. But at the end of the day, I think this product is more about pomp and circumstance than use and I don’t see any reason for products like that.

(Just as I finished this post I came across this review of the pros and cons of the Macbook Air that I had to post as it’s excellently thought through.)

Kevin Garnett: Beyond the Glory

Thanks to FLCeltsfan on Yardbarker for initially pointing me to this series of Beyond the Glory video’s on Boston’s newest son and icon Kevin Garnett.  It’s been apparent, and not only by the 32-6 record and astounding rise from the ashes of the Celtics organization this season, that Garnett was an athlete made for the Boston stage.

KG in green

It’s been fun to see a veteran of such character, of whom as stars go, I knew very little, come to Boston and light up a franchise with his selflessness, his sense of team and pride, and his leadership.  He relishes the stage he’s now on.

I have to compare him to Curt Schilling in that respect. Every so often Boston brings the best out in an athlete and highlights it.  But what brought KG to this place?  Watch and learn.

KG grows up without a strong fatherly influence, but with a good familial support system in his mother.  His basketball skills come from his dad who was a 6’5″ player around the way.  KG moves to a middle class neighborhood for high school and befriends his best friend for life, “Bug” Peters.  Kevin almost doesn’t try out for the high school basketball team because there’s only two things he’s afraid of, “God and his Moms.”

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Did I am Legend predict the Super Bowl?

Thanks to @sogrady for pointing this my direction this morning.

I am Legend predicts the Super Bowl

As I am Legend opens with a news cast featuring Emma Thompson’s character, a scientist who has discovered a cure for cancer, being interviewed by a New York news station you can see a news ticker running across the bottom of the screen. At the 1.19 mark in the video below, you can see the screenshot above.

According to I am Legend, the Patriots will win the Super Bowl over the Giants by a 23 to 7 score marking the second Giants loss to the Patriots this season.

Weird…and cool. The only way the Giants could play the Patriots twice in one season (pre-season not included) would be to face off in the Super Bowl in a season that they were scheduled during the regular season as well. That only happens once every five years or so. So that’s just plain old odd!